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Abel Fly Reels

Abel makes expensive high end fly reels with fantastic drags. I've been fishing Abel Fly Reels for years and am very happy with them!

Abel reels are machined from solid blocks of 6061-T prime grade aircraft quality aluminum and then "meticulously anodized and hand-finished for a lifetime of corrosion resistance." They come with a choice of finishes in case you care (I don't, I just want to catch fish, but they are pretty). The cork drag system is super smooth and stays that way assuming you very occasionally clean the reel and moisten the cork with neatsfoot oil.

I've caught everything from trout, bonefish, and stripers, to tuna, tarpon, and sharks on my Abels, and they've always performed flawlessly. They don't like being dropped in dry sand while beach fishing (no reels do) and might make some funny grinding noises, but they won't be harmed and a quick dunk in the water will clear any sand. Of course dunking any reel in saltwater is not recommended, but it happens a lot when surf fishing and my Abels handle it no problem.

The original Abels were the Big Game series which were standard arbor reels. These are the reels I still fish 20 years later. Some of the Big Game series have been discontinued and some have been renamed to the Abel Super Series Standard Arbor reels.

The Abel Super Series are large arbor reels (and now some standard arbor reels - see paragraph above) that were introduced in 1999 when the large arbor reel idea was new. They range from the Super 3N for 3 and 4 weight lines to the Super 14 which will handle a 14 weight line plus a whopping 500 yards of 30 pound backing!

Abel Reels are not quick change reels - they require you to remove a nut (comes off easily with a penny used as a screwdriver water side) to switch spools, but Abel has recently introduced Super Series Quick Change (QC) reels for 7 to 12 weight fly lines.

Abel also makes seven anti-reverse fly reels, 4 with a standard arbor for 10 to 13 weight lines and 3 with a large arbor for 8 to 13 weight lines.

Although most Abels are used in saltwater, Abels are also great freshwater reels. In fact  Abel Creek Reels are primarily for freshwater use and are beautiful little reels designed for 3 to 6 weight lines. They are very light in weight and have an adjustable click drag.

Abel Fly Reels are expensive high end reels that live up to their hype. I've been fishing them for decades and couldn't be happier!