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Billy Pate Reels

Billy Pate Fly Reels are anti reverse reels made by Tibor Reels since 1976. They are extremely durable and dependable and virtually maintenance free.

 I should know, I've owned a Billy Pate Tarpon model for two decades and love it! The direct drive models have been discontinued, possibly since the Tibor reels are direct drive.

Anti reverse reels are more complicated than a standard direct drive reel and also offer slightly less "fish control." When you hold the handle still on a direct drive reel, that line is NOT moving in or out of the reel! Of course the line may break or your fingers may slip when a fish is tugging. With an anti reverse reel, if the fish pulls hard enough it takes line out no matter where your fingers are. This less "fish control" is both good and bad. You can mess up, breaking off a fish by not letting go, or even bang up your fingers and hands with the spinning spool and handle. You can also exert just a little more pressure when you feel the time is right.

It was with trepidation that I purchased my first anti reverse reel, my Billy Pate Tarpon. But it turns out I like anti reverse for big fish - sharks, 150+ pound tarpon, tuna, and the like. And switching between a direct drive and anti reverse fly reel, even many times during the same day, was no problem. And my reel has been truly maintenance free, so the added reel complexity has been a non issue.

In short, I love my Billy Pate Tarpon, but just wish I got more chances to use it today.

There are several models of Billy Pate reels.

The Billy Pate Fly Reels are anti reverse reels made by Tibor Reels are my choice for big sized anti reverse reels. Some of the models have been discontinued, most likely in favor of the large arbor Tibor Reels. I love my Billy Pate Tarpon, and it'll probably outlive me!