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Lamson Fly Reels

Lamson Fly Reels are very popular and there are a myriad of models. They are all large arbor reels and have a unique conical drag system that "acts to completely seal the drag from the effects of moisture, salt and grit. "

Their entry level reel is the Konic Reel, a pressure cast reel with machined components as opposed to fully machined. Pressure cast reels are not as durable as machine cast reels, and the Konic is not as finely machined and crafted as some reels, but it's also much cheaper.

Konic users are mostly very positive. The Konic 1.5 and Konic 2 are nice reels for under US$130. For saltwater use the Konic Model 3.5, which holds a #8 fly line and 200yds of 20 pound backing, and the Model 4, which holds a #10 fly line and 240 yards of 30 pound backing, are a lot of reel for under US$150.

Next in line is the Guru reel, a fully machined reel which costs around $170 to $200 for sizes suitable for most freshwater uses and $200 to $250 for sizes suitable for saltwater.

Then we have the Velocity Hard Alox followed by the very popular and well regarded Lightspeed Hard Alox Series.

Lamson's top of the line reels are the ULA Force reels.  The ULA Force LT and ULA P-Series models are only available in smaller sizes suitable for freshwater. The ULA Force Saltwater/Spey models are the ULA Force 4 which will take a #12 fly line and 300 yards of 30 pound backing.

Lamson makes an almost dizzying array of well regarded fly reels.

The most popular are the entry level Konic, a lot of reel for under $150, and the mid priced Lightspeed Hard Alox Series at the mid 300 to low 400 dollar range for models suitable for saltwater use.