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Scientific Angler System 2 Fly Reels

Scientific Angler has been making the reasonably priced and excellent System 2 Fly Reel for a long time.

I have fished them extensively all over the planet and they've performed flawlessly. They are made of machined aluminum, are perhaps not the most pretty reel on the planet, but they have a very decent drag and are durable.

The System 2 ranges from the Model 78 which takes an 8 weight fly  line and 240 yards of 20 pound backing to the Model 1213 which takes a 13 weight fly line and 300 yards of 30 pound backing, and there are 2 models in between, the Model 910 and  Model 1011.

They range in price from the mid 100 to low 200 dollar range, making them an excellent value! I highly recommended the System 2 reels.

Scientific Angler also makes a System 2L Reel, "L" for light. These reels are much lighter, primarily because they hold significantly less line. For example the System 2L Model 78L takes an 8 weight fly line and 120 yards of 20 pound backing, whereas the System 2 Model 78, takes the same line and twice as much backing, 240 yards.

The largest System 2L reel is the Model 89L which takes a 9 weight fly line and 180 yards of 20 pond backing. The System 2L reels are slightly less expensive that the System 2 reels.

Scientific Angler also has limited large arbor fly reels, the System 2LA - "LA" for Large Arbor. The System 2 LA Model 678 is suitable for light saltwater use, and takes a 7 weight flyline with 120 yards of backing .  The System 2 LA Model 890, one size up, holds a 9 weight fly line a d 160 yards  of 20 pound backing. These reels are in the mid 200 dollar range.

Scientific Angler also makes a popular System 1 Fly Reels and Concept 2 Reels suitable for freshwater purposes.

The regular old Scientific Angler System 2 Fly Reel is a favorite reel and highly recommended. It's very fairly priced, works well, and is durable. Many an angler has caught hundreds and thousands of fish on the venerable System 2.