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Tibor Reels

Tibor fly reels are fantastic high end large arbor reels made from solid aluminum bar stock with a super smooth cork drag.

They've been made since 1995 by Tibor (Ted) Juracsik who also has been making Billy Pate fly reels since 1976.

With prices in the mid six hundred to mid seven hundred dollar range, a Tibor Fly Reel is an investment, a fly reel you'll hopefully use for decades.

Tibor fly reels come in four basic models for saltwater use:

These four reels are also available in QC or "Quick Change" models which allow quickly changing the spool, perhaps to switch to another line size or type of line, for about an additional hundred dollars.

There are also Tibor Light reels for freshwater and Tibor Spey reels for two-handed or "spey" rods.

Tibor fly reels are no compromise reels that are among the best in the world. You can't go wrong with a Tibor. If you are looking at high end saltwater fly fishing reels, take a serious look at Tibor reels.